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Sunday, July 12, 2009

MA Candle Indicator

Here is an indicator for you who use MA crossover. The indicator shows red color if the slow MA cross down fast MA and blue color if it is otherwise. The color setting can be change as well as the width. Default setting is MA 12 and MA 26. I got this indicator from the metatrader yahoo group. Okay, feel free to download below. Bye guys!

GBPJPY Weekly Chart: Bounced & Close Below 30 EMA

Since my last post, the pair has reached as high as 162.58 before going down again to 154.05, which gave support for the pair. However, after sideways for the last 3 weeks, it went down for 1,000 pips this week. The pair also closed below 30 EMA, meaning that more down should be anticipated for the following week. The pair almost touch 38.2% retracement of 118.80 (low) to 162.58 (high) at 145.86. The target remains the same which is the 50% retracement at 140.69 area. That's all, have nice weekend. Take care..