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Friday, July 18, 2008

In Term of Money..

Guys, I decide to count my losses in percentage of money. The reason is simply because 1000 pips might not the same as the money I lose. So since my last post, I had lost another 10% of my equity:( To be accurate, I still have 10.89% of my capital, meaning that I need to gain 89.11% to have my capital back. I made a projection with 15% margin and 25 pips daily assumption, and it will take 61 days to gain that 89.11%. I will change the result table on the sidebar again and will update it next month. Bye guys.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Thousand Pips To Gain..

My losses since march has reach 1000 pips and I think I will take it slow for now. I still have 20% of my margin and I was able to withdraw 40% profit back in April. It could take 3-4 months to gain back my losses IF, the system reach monthly target and I can trade based on the system;P

I will simplify my Monthly result on the sidebar as it is ridiculous to show off my losses like that:P So I will update the blog next month and hopefully with green pips:)