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Monday, April 21, 2008

Breakout System Review

Hi guys, first of all lets call this one "end of day" breakout system because it use the high and low between 15.00 - 21.00 GMT. Go here for details about the system. Below is the picture from last week and the system was in a great performance. All breakout reach 50 pips except in Monday, but since I have a new notebook I can move my stop to BE ;)

Now lets take a look at the Panca-Eagle Breakout from daily-pips.blogspot.com. This breakout system use high and low from day open to 2.30 GMT, but I prefer to wait until 3.00 GMT. The picture below use until 5.00 GMT. This system also did well last week if we just open position based on the EMA.

For this week I want to trade those 2 breakout system. And for you information, there is EA for Panca Eagle breakout. For indicator you can download it here, or go to daily-pips.blogspot.com.